Published on March 27, 2018

Meet Dr. McLaughlin

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, there’s a new doctor who can help you feel better.

Paige McLaughlinPaige McLaughlin, MD, is a pain management specialist who’s ready to help you control your pain so it doesn’t control you.

Raised near Mercy Fitzgerald and a graduate of Drexel University, Dr. Paige McLaughlin is proud to return home to care for patients in the community that she knows so well. Dr. McLaughlin completed her residency training in psychiatry at Yale University and a fellowship in interventional pain medicine at Stanford University.

With Dr. McLaughlin’s help, you can count on pain relief that is as safe as it is effective. Your personalized treatment plan may involve:

  • Guidance in relaxation techniques
  • Pain relief exercises and physical therapy
  • Electrical stimulation for back pain
  • Steroid injections for spinal and nerve injuries
  • Non-opioid pain medicine
  • Referral to counseling if pain is affecting your mood

Dr. McLaughlin is also highly skilled at helping pain patients stop using opioids. If you’re misusing these powerful drugs after a doctor prescribed them for chronic pain, she can help wean you off of them. Though newly arrived at Mercy, Dr. McLaughlin has already helped several patients with chronic pain break free from opioids.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than giving people their lives back,” she says.