Published on April 06, 2015

Imaging services: The pictures of health


imaging legsYou don’t have to know what all the letters stand for to know that imaging devices are valuable tools in healthcare.

Modern imaging has changed medicine—and made it better, says David Mayer, MD, Chairman of the Radiology departments at Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia. Imaging tests help doctors find disease, monitor it and decide how to treat it. They can even play a key role in the treatment itself.

A clearer view of you

From standard X-rays to digital mammography, both Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia offer a full range of imaging services. Dr. Mayer says that includes advanced procedures that aren’t offered in all places, such as tests that:

  • Help doctors decide whether a patient might benefit from surgery when the heart’s blood vessels are blocked
  • Spot where active cancer cells may be hiding in the body
  • Measure iron content in vital organs, such as the heart and liver

The possibilities of imaging are exciting, Dr. Mayer says. “A physical exam is limited to what the doctor can see, smell or touch. But the doctor can’t get to what’s inside the body. This is where imaging comes in. We can look anywhere in the body with a variety of tools and technologies.”