Published on March 27, 2018

Heart failure: 6 ways to boost your mood

Good days and bad days.

Seniors restingThat’s to be expected when you’re living with heart failure. At times, the disease can be tough.

“Heart failure is a physical disease,” says Carol Primavera Paris, Vice President, Mission Integration, Mercy Home Health. “But it can also take a toll on your emotions.”

What makes you feel better?

When heart failure gets you down, here’s what may help lift you up.

Talk about your feelings. Try talking with a loved one, someone else with heart failure or your doctor. It can make problems seem better.

Spend time with others. Being with people can boost your spirits.

Keep moving. Ask your doctor how to exercise safely.

Manage your disease. Do your best to follow the treatment steps your healthcare team recommends. Your mood may be better when your body feels better.

“Mercy Home Health offers nursing and telehealth programs that can help you manage heart failure at home and help you stay healthy,” Carol says.

Do something you enjoy. Maybe that’s working on a hobby or reading a good book.

Get a good night’s rest. Sleep can help improve your mood.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Tell your doctor if you continue to feel down—you may be depressed.

Symptoms of depression include sadness, loss of interest in favorite activities, or feelings of hopelessness lasting two or more weeks. Depression can be treated, and you can feel better.