Published on October 25, 2018

Health care in the comfort of home

Home care nurse and patientImagine this: You’re getting out of the hospital but are a little nervous about managing your ongoing care at home. Maybe you’re anxious about changing the bandage on your incision. Or perhaps you still feel pretty weak. Or maybe you’re taking your baby home for the first time.

If any of the above scenarios ring true, don’t worry: Mercy Home Health can help.

On the recommendation of your doctor, Home Health can send nurses, therapists or health aides to your home to check on you. Among other things, they’ll make sure your home is set up safely for your recovery. They’ll show you how to take your medications or clean your wounds. They’ll weigh your baby and make sure he or she is feeding well.

“Our advocacy starts when the patient first comes out of the hospital,” says Nicole Dougherty, RN, Mercy Home Health Patient Advocate. “The nurses’ first job is to be sure the patient will be getting quality medical care at home.”

Sometimes home health workers find the patient has no heat or air conditioning—or no food in the house. That’s when a social worker will be brought in to see what the patient needs.

“We’re there to treat the patient, and we can’t do that if basic needs aren’t met,” Nicole says.

If you have family or a caregiver at home, Home Health staff will do things like train that person how to give you your medicines or change your bandages.

“Our goal is to keep you in your home and not have you need to return to the hospital due to preventable complications,” Nicole says.

For more information about Home Health services, call 1.888.690.2551. Services are usually covered by your insurance plan if you need or want extra support at home. Don’t delay—ask your physician for home health care.