Published on September 22, 2014

Having trouble taking multiple medications?

Mercy Home Health can take away your worries.

medication bottlesIt’s safe to assume that taking multiple medications can be confusing and tricky. Managing what to take, when, and how often can be very stressful. Mercy Home Health can help make it easy!

Staying on track with prescribed medicines not only keeps health problems under control, but it also keeps patients out of the hospital.

“Many hospital re-admissions are linked to poor medication management,” says Sarah Frank, RN, MSN, Mercy Home Health Quality Manager. “We help patients learn how to better organize and schedule their medication intake, which ultimately helps patients stay healthier and less stressed.”

Mercy Home Health clinicians educate patients about their prescribed medications and how effective management can prevent hospital readmissions due to medication errors or missed medications.

“Mercy Home Health nurses discuss medications at every home visit,” Frank adds. “We ensure that our patients are comfortable, confident and are fully independent in managing their medications.”

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