Published on October 16, 2015

Let Mercy Home Health be there for you

Have you recently had to visit the emergency room?

er signMaybe you have a chronic health problem that took a sudden turn for the worse. Or an injury or illness that caught you by surprise.

Nobody ever wants to go to the ER—or keep going back. So it’s good to know about home health options that could help treat your health condition, says Ruth Martynowicz, Vice President of Operations at Mercy Home Health.

Home care isn’t just for people who’ve been to the ER or admitted to the hospital, Ruth points out. It can help those who may have gone to the emergency room and—after receiving care—have been discharged home.

“Going home after being in the ER or hospital can be quite scary,” she says. “Home health can provide the support needed to feel safe, secure and properly kick off the healing process.”

A little-known option

Many people may qualify for home health. But patients and their doctors don’t always think about it.

“This is an option many people might not know that they have access to,” Ruth says. “It really can give you more confidence in your ability to manage your health,” she says.

For example, with Mercy Home Health, a nurse, therapist or other expert might visit a couple times a week to:

  • Check on your health
  • Teach you about your condition and how to control it
  • Help you organize and manage your medications
  • Help care for a wound
  • Coordinate your care among all your doctors and specialists
  • Assess the risks of falls and other safety issues at home

Could home health help you?

Find out by experiencing the high quality of care that the Mercy Home Health team provides. To learn more, call 1.888.690.2551 or visit