Frequently Asked Questions

The Affordable Care Act isn't just a new law requiring you to have health insurance. It also helps you find a plan that fits your family's budget and needs. 

What are the major benefits of the health insurance marketplace?

No denials for pre-existing conditions. Essential care, like preventative screenings, at no additional cost. An online health insurance marketplace, also called an exchange, where companies compete for your business.

Can I get financial assistance to purchase insurance?

Yes. Help is available to a surprisingly large number of people based on income and family size. Use the financial assistance tool on our website to calculate how much assistance you could receive.

How do I choose a health insurance plan?

The health insurance marketplace, available online or by phone, will be your one-stop-shop where you can easily compare plans based on benefits and cost. Sign up on the website where they can send you information about the marketplace as it becomes available.

Can Mercy Fitzgerald, Mercy Philadelphia and Nazareth Hospitals be in my plan?

Yes. When you compare plans, you will be able to see which hospitals are included. By choosing a plan that allows you to get care from our hospitals, you will have the peace of mind that comes with selecting health care you know and trust.