Spiritual Care at Nazareth Hospital

chapel windowIn keeping with Mercy’s mission to support the overall strength and well being of the family, Nazareth Hospital’s Spiritual Care Team provides understanding and comfort in your time of need.

Our team includes Priest Chaplains, Staff Chaplains and volunteers, both lay and religious.

Patients and families of all faiths can request a visit with a member of the Spiritual Care Team. Nazareth offers a listening presence to help patients and their families deal with recent illnesses or deaths. A staff member is available to contact a patient’s minister, rabbi or priest at the patient's request. Ministers from all denominations are welcome and encouraged to visit with their congregational members.

Mass is held daily in Nazareth Hospital’s chapel, and televised in patient rooms. Mass schedules are published weekly and are available at the hospital.

To find out more about spiritual care services at Nazareth, please call 215.335.7654.