Scholarship Activity and Research

Mercy Catholic Medical Center actively encourages its residents to become involve in scholarly projects. Residents with ideas are provided mentorship as well as support from a statistician. Many of our residents’ projects are successfully presented at national meetings, and travel to those meetings is subsidized by the residency.

Quality Improvement Project

All residents participate in a quality-improvement project team. These projects, jointly led by a PGY2 or PGY3 resident and a faculty mentor, allow residents to learn the fundamentals of research and quality improvement while simultaneously examining an issue relevant to their day-to-day clinical practice. A team-based approach allows individual residents to focus their energies in the QI project during less-demanding clinical rotations. Abstracts based on our QI projects have been presented at local, regional, national and international meetings of subspecialty societies.


Many residents seize the opportunity to use the resources of Mercy Catholic Medical Center to perform clinical research. Projects ranging from EKGs of student athletes to impact of different colonoscopy preparations have been presented at national meetings of subspecialty societies, with some resident research winning awards.

In addition, residents are encouraged to write up interesting or illustrative patients and a clinical vignette, sharing the knowledge we gain from our diverse patients with the medical community at large.


A partial list [pdf, 223kb] of resident research presentations from the last academic year is available online.