Message from the Program Director

Karen Kish, MD

Karen KishI am very proud to lead the Surgical Residency Program at Mercy Catholic Medical Center (MCMC). In choosing MCMC, you are choosing to join a team of very motivated, hardworking and intelligent surgical residents and faculty members who will take you under their wing. Since 1956, our Program has a rich history of training future surgeons.

The Surgical Residency at Mercy offers a wide variety of surgical experience for training residents. It provides a wonderful learning environment for each incoming resident and provides the tools needed to graduate with the knowledge and confidence to perform at a high level.

The skills learned both inside and outside of the operating room during the early stages are invaluable assets that only serve as a stepping stone for continued development throughout the entire five years.

The residency program is primarily based in two hospitals, Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia. Both campuses offer a variety of surgical pathology that gives each resident a thorough understanding of many areas in general surgery.

Each hospital has well-trained, highly experienced general, vascular, and thoracic surgeons who provide a wonderful education for the entire team. In addition to this, each campus has its own operating room facility and staff. Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia have several rooms running for not only General and Vascular surgery, but also Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Podiatry, and Head and Neck Surgery. Mercy Fitzgerald also has two functioning cardiac rooms, which are open to residents during their cardiac rotations.

Both hospitals are now performing advanced minimally invasive surgery, both abdominal and thoracic surgery, and Mercy Fitzgerald has recently become a center of excellence for bariatric surgery. State-of-the-art equipment is available for utilization in a wide variety of cases, and this only serves to enhance overall patient care. The strides made over the past few years are merely a testament to the continued growth that this program exhibits. It truly is a wonderful experience that will give each resident everything needed to be an excellent surgeon.

Our residents benefit from the Thursday morning protected time which includes M&M (Morbidity and Mortality), Grand Rounds and Clinical Science presentations which are extremely interactive and a great learning experience as Faculty Members, Residents and Medical Students all come together to learn.

I am quite proud that on completion of our Residency Program, MCMC graduates can enter independent practice or pursue a fellowship of their choice. I thank you for your interest in our program.