Published on December 13, 2017

Mercy ACO Partners with Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley

New partnership will help patients manage medications

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA (December 13, 2017) – Mercy Accountable Care, LLC, a member of Trinity Health, is partnering with Health Care Solutions (HCS) of Delaware Valley, LLC, a group of clinical pharmacists, to help healthcare providers eliminate the use of unnecessary medications and remove barriers to compliance for patients who take multiple medications.

“Our partnership with HCS will help with our shared mission of reducing healthcare costs, improving our patients’ quality of life and ensuring better outcomes,” says Daniel Bair, FACHE, Executive Director for Mercy Accountable Care. “Medication non-adherence is wholly preventable, but it is not surprising. Given the amount of medications a patient with one or more chronic diseases has to take, they often struggle to manage them all, or even afford them. By partnering with HCS, we expand our patient outreach activities and ensure our patients move toward compliance.”

HCS uses an integrated model of pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, social workers and health coaches to increase patient medication adherence and identify drug therapy problems.

According to researchers, between $100 and $300 billion of avoidable healthcare costs have been attributed to nonadherence in the U.S. annually, representing nearly 10 percent of total U.S. healthcare costs, and those costs are often passed to patients by payers through higher copayments, or through higher costs to employers for coverage. Medication nonadherence also leads to poor outcomes and reduced quality of life for those with one or more chronic illnesses.

According to research cited by HCS, pharmacist interventions optimize medication use, reduce medication-related problems, improve health outcomes and could decrease healthcare expenditures for patients and providers by nearly 31 percent.

The first phase of Mercy Accountable Care’s partnership with HCS will include:

  • In-home visits by a licensed pharmacist to perform medication adherence evaluation and health assessments 
  • Medication reconciliation and identification of drug therapy problems
  • Access to free brand name medications, savings on co-pays and diabetes testing supplies, and free delivery of medications

“We are creating medication management intervention solutions that will help Mercy Accountable Care’s patients and providers increase medication adherence, improve patient outcomes, and save money on prescription costs,” says HCS President Kristin Ball Motley, Pharm.D.

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