Published on January 02, 2020

New Limb Salvage Program Helps Prevent Amputations at Nazareth Hospital

Northeast Philadelphia – (January 2, 2020) – Nazareth Hospital has formally established its Limb Salvage Program, which is designed to identify and assist at-risk patients sooner, decreasing the likelihood of amputations that may have otherwise been deemed necessary. The program's goal is to save limbs through restoration of functionality as the loss of a limb can have a profound effect on a patient's quality of life.

According to the Amputee Coalition, there are nearly 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States caused primarily by vascular disease, including common illnesses such as diabetes and peripheral arterial disease. Knowing that some patients are more at risk than others, the Limb Salvage Program at Nazareth brings together a whole suite of specialists to identify patients regardless of where they are in their journey of care. Together, the team coordinates efforts to ensure patients are screened appropriately and receive the procedures they need more quickly.

These specialists include:

• Primary care providers
• Podiatrists
• Infectious disease specialists
• Endocrinologists and registered dietitians
• Cardiologists
• Wound care specialists
• Vascular surgeons  

For more information about limb salvage or to make an appointment with the vascular team at Nazareth Hospital, please call 484.370.8140.