Published on May 20, 2019

Nazareth Hospital Introduces New Assessment to Help Low-vision Patients

Northeast Philadelphia (May 20, 2019): Nazareth Hospital’s Center for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Balance now offers the Low Vision Independence Measure (LVIM) assessment to help visually impaired patients establish baseline visual impairment measurements, set goals and create customized strategies to adapt to low vision and enhance overall quality of life.

The LVIM assessment uses a questionnaire to help identify everyday vision challenges and determine the necessary assistive devices and therapies to help patients maintain their independence. Assistive devices that complement LVIM include cards with large print, bingo cards with various textures and closed-circuit televisions with informational materials.

Nearly 12 million Americans suffer from vision impairment. Low vision includes various degrees of sight loss and cannot be corrected with standard eyewear, medical treatment or surgery. A low-vision diagnosis can affect activities of daily independent living, such as grooming, shopping, meal preparation, home maintenance or financial management.

To address this, Nazareth Hospital occupational therapists use the LVIM assessment to develop customized vision goals for each patient, which create a more effective rehabilitation plan. Additionally, occupational therapists work closely with physicians to evaluate the whole patient, identifying and working around health of lifestyle factors which could inhibit the rehabilitation process.

For more information about the LVIM assessment, or to learn how Nazareth Hospital can help you or a loved one manage low vision, call 215.335.3954 or visit