Published on April 26, 2016

Internal Medicine Residency Program Receives Accreditation by ACGME

Dr. MagroNORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA (April 26, 2016): Nazareth Hospital announced today that it has received accreditation for its Internal Medicine Residency Program from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)—an important milestone for Nazareth Hospital’s Graduate Medical Education department.

“We are so pleased to kick off the establishment of our graduate medical education at Nazareth with the ACGME-accredited Internal Medicine Residency,” said Nancy Cherone, Executive Director, Nazareth Hospital. “This will offer medical students options for residency and will provide our community with access to the next generation of physicians.”

ACGME is a private, non-profit organization that evaluates and accredits graduate medical education (GME) programs. Specialized training in Internal Medicine GME residency programs takes place over a three-year period. Residency is the final phase of a long educational process, required for a physician to practice medicine, and is most influential in determining where a physician eventually practices.

About the Program

Nazareth Hospital’s Internal Medicine Residency Program is listed with the National Resident Matching Program and will begin interviewing medical school seniors for positions in the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Interviews will begin in October 2016, with applicants from around the country. Residents who are accepted into the Internal Medicine GME program will begin July 1, 2017. Approximately 10 first year residents are expected to be selected. Nazareth Hospital will also be recruiting for a Chief Resident.

“Nazareth demonstrates its commitment to our community by establishing this program, which will provide a robust and excellent medical education to a new generation of physicians,” said Internal Medicine Residency Program Director Lee Celio, MD, MEd, FACP. “Nazareth serves a diverse population of all ages with varied economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This guarantees trainees exposure to a wide range of health issues.”

Michael Magro, Jr., DO, MBA, FACOI, Vice President, Medical Affairs at Nazareth Hospital and Designated Institutional Official for the Internal Medicine Residency program said: “This is wonderful news for our physicians, colleagues and community. The accreditation of the Internal Medicine Residency program at Nazareth is just the first of several residency programs we are planning to launch, and represents the birth a dynamic, community-focused graduate medical education program.”

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