Published on May 17, 2016

Mercy Philadelphia Presents 12th Annual C. Jules Rominger Award

Winners of the 2016 C. Jules Rominger, MD, Award Dr. Wallen and Dr. Chowdhury

WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA (May 17, 2016) – On Thursday, May 12, Mercy Philadelphia hosted its 12th Annual C. Jules Rominger, MD, FACR, Lecture Series. The night started off with a lecture by keynote speaker James Buehler, MD, entitled "Population Health: Why Communities Matter."

Dr. Buehler is a former health commissioner for the City of Philadelphia and a professor in the Department of Health Management & Policy at Drexel University. The lecture was followed by a ceremony that awarded residents Junad Chowdhury, MD, and Tyler Wallen, DO, with the prestigious C. Jules Rominger, MD, Award for Humanitarianism and Excellence.

Dr. Chowdhury is a medical resident who was nominated for his work with the Ethics Committee, his hours served in the Ambulatory Clinic and for the research articles he has had published. The clinic serves under- and uninsured patient population where Dr. Chowdhury shows compassionate care for the patients he sees. He has lectured at Saint Joseph’s University on issues of public health in developing nations.

Currently, Dr. Chowdhury is researching the possible causes behind the death of 20,000 Nicaraguan sugar cane workers, where he has been awarded a research grant from the Gustafson Foundation Research Grants at the Institute of Clinical Bioethics at Saint Joseph’s University.

Dr. Wallen is a surgical resident who was nominated for his high-quality care and for his work with the International Children’s Heart Foundation. Over the last two years, Dr. Wallen has volunteered with the foundation, serving on surgical missions to Ecuador and Haiti. He assisted with pediatric open heart surgeries and provided care to these children in the pre- and post-operative setting. Dr. Wallen was named to the International Children’s Heart Foundation’s Research Board and has inspired several students to volunteer with the group through his speaking engagements.

C. Jules Rominger, MD served as a radiation oncologist at Mercy Philadelphia and Mercy Fitzgerald for over half a century. The awards recognize outstanding doctors who have dedicated their time to compassionate quality care while giving back to the community. Mercy Philadelphia is proud to honor Dr. Rominger through this lecture series and an award that recognizes his humanitarianism and professionalism, as well as his dedication to Mercy healthcare.