Carotid Stenting Now Available at Mercy Fitzgerald 

DARBY (August 13, 2015): Mercy Fitzgerald is now offering minimally invasive carotid stenting in its Cardiac Catheterization Lab. The procedure recently launched under the leadership of Interventional Cardiologist Alan S. Moak, MD.

Carotid stenting is a non-emergent procedure that is scheduled in advance. Carotid stenting is used to lower the chance of strokes caused by blocked arteries, commonly known as carotid artery disease. According to Dr. Moak, clogged arteries in the neck cause 35 to 45 percent of strokes.

“Carotid stenting is a good thing for our patients because it gives them and their physicians a viable alternative to surgery,” said Dr. Moak. “When we perform carotid stenting, we get rid of blockages, allowing blood flow to return to normal and reducing the risk of stroke.”

The minimally invasive procedure involves inserting a catheter into an artery. The thin tube is then threaded up to clear the blockage. Finally a stent—a tiny metal tube—is placed in the blood vessel. “It props up the artery and corrects the blockage,” Dr. Moak said.

Patients are evaluated jointly pre- and post-operatively by a neurologist and cardiologist as part of screening process for the program. Patients are referred by either a cardiologist or primary care physician. Patients who are best eligible for carotid stenting are those with significantly narrowed arteries due to plaque buildup who may be at risk by traditional surgical methods.